Speed Networking : QWEBEC EXPO


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The fastest and most cost-effective way to positively impact your business - AND IT'S FUN!

We tailored a special networking method allowing you to meet all event participants in a quieter, more intimate room... And you meet ALL OTHER event participants, NOT ONLY HALF of them!.


Speed-Networking works like speed dating - only you make lots of new business contacts, not romantic ones! This year again, we provide 2 Speed Networking Sessions on both day of the event. So you can register for either Friday August or Saturday August events. Friday overflow will be automatically moved to Saturday's event as we can register only 50 attendees per sessions.

So make sure you get on the list on the Friday from 12:00 to 13:00

Friday Aug. : 13:30 to 14:45

Saturday Aug. : 13:30 to 14:45h

Venue: Paris Hall (4th Floor)

Getting face to face with a potential client or partner is the only way you really know whether you can do business with them or not. Many people tend to gravitate towards those they may already know, never getting the opportunity to meet others who could be great business contacts.

But our Speed Networking achieves much better results. We structure the event for you using "mini meetings" so that you are guaranteed to meet a large number of individuals that you would never otherwise have had the chance to network with.

Get your "Elevator Pitch" ready!

So you can make the most of your time at our event, we have prepared a few ideas to help you get your pitch just right. Its not difficult, all you have to do is give a little thought to each of these aspects.

  • Know your business, and know it well;
  • Be able to describe what you do and who you do it for in a few clear sentences; and
  • Know what you want and need from networking and what you have to offer.

Your 1 minute networking pitch generally is sometimes called a 'lift statement' or 'elevator pitch' as it should be something you can say in the time it takes to go a few floors in a lift with a perfect stranger! Remember to listen as well as talk, especially when building your confidence. Just doing it is great practice for your pitch and soon you will have it finely honed. Time yourself, If you can do it within 50 seconds, then it is great!

Bring along ...

  • Plenty of business cards and some of your literature
  • Notepad and pen
  • A one minute synopsis of who you are, and what's your business

Also do follow up contacts even if you think they are not going to result in a lead right away. Building a large network means things are much more likely to click into place for you and your business a little way down the line.

This event is open to all Registered QWEBEC Expo's attendees on a First Come/First Served basis and is limited to 60 people (with reserves).